• Assessment and Critical Praxis

      Gardner, Carolyn Caffrey; Halpern, Rebecca; University of Southern California (The University of Arizona, 2016-02)
      Facilitated Roundtable Discussion Are critical assessment practices possible? Is the role of assessment fundamentally at odds with critical library pedagogy? Assessing both instructor performance and student learning can rationalize academic programs or services, demonstrate student learning, measure teacher performance accountability, or provide feedback on the efficacy of instruction. In today’s neoliberal higher education landscape this is often reflected through “value” and “return on investment.” Given the fraught purposes of assessment in higher education, what would critical assessment look like in practice? This roundtable will ask participants to discuss the tension and propose assessment methods that are congruent with a critical pedagogy perspective.
    • It's Not a Competition: Questioning the Rhetoric of "Scholarly Versus Popular" in Library Instruction

      Seeber, Kevin Patrick; University of Colorado Denver (The University of Arizona, 2016-02)
      Academic instruction librarians often introduce students to the concept of evaluating information by having them compare “scholarly versus popular” sources--an approach that wrongly implies these two kinds of information are a binary, and that they are in competition with one another. This presentation will question the motivations behind presenting scholarly and popular information in this way, as well as offer recommendations for how librarians can adapt this activity into something which allows for critical discussions of context and authority in the classroom.