• Timescale for Climatic Events of Subboreal/Subatlantic Transition Recorded at the Valakupiai Site, Lithuania

      Pawlyta, Jacek; Gaigalas, Algirdas; Michczyński, Adam; Pazdur, Anna; Sanko, Aleksander (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2007-01-01)
      Oxbow lake deposits of the Neris River at the Valakupiai site in Vilnius (Lithuania) have been studied by different methods including radiocarbon dating. A timescale was attained for the development of the oxbow lake and climatic events recorded in the sediments. 14C dates obtained for 24 samples cover the range 990-6500 BP (AD 580 to 5600 BC). Medieval human activity was found in the upper part of the sediments. Mollusk fauna found in the basal part of the terrace indicate contact between people living in the Baltic and the Black Sea basins. Mean rates were calculated for erosion of the river and for accumulation during the formation of the first terrace.