• Seasonal and Growth Period Changes of Some Nutritive Components of Kikuyu Grass

      Kamstra, L. D.; Stanley, R. W.; Ishizaki, S. M. (Society for Range Management, 1966-09-01)
      Changes in nutritive constituents of kikuyu grass with regrowth period and season were considered. The hemicellulose fraction of kikuyu grass collected during February and April contained xylose, arabinose, glucose, and galactose regardless of length of regrowth period. Protein decreased while fibrous components and lignin (72% sulfuric method) increased as regrowth was extended. The highest in vitro cellulose digestibility occurred at six weeks regrowth. Grazing rate or clipping practices should influence the value of kikuyu in feeding programs designed to produce acceptable beef from animals slaughtered directly from grass.