• Bulk chemical composition of lherzolitic shergottite Grove Mountains 99027—Constraints on the mantle of Mars

      Lin, Y.; Qi, L.; Wang, G.; Xu, L. (The Meteoritical Society, 2008-01-01)
      We report the concentration of 50 elements, including rare earth elements (REEs) and platinum group elements (PGEs) in bulk samples of the Grove Mountains (GRV) 99027 lherzolitic shergottite. The abundances of REEs are distinctly lower than those of Allan Hills (ALH) A77005 and other lherzolitic shergottites, indicating that GRV 99027 is not paired with them. It may, nevertheless, sample the same igneous unit as the others (Lin et al. 2005b; Wang and Chen 2006). The CInormalized elemental pattern of GRV 99027 reveals low (0.004-0.008 x CI) and unfractionated PGEs (except for Pd of 0.018 x CI) without depletion of W or Ga relative to lithophile element trends. Fractionation between siderophile and lithophile elements become less pronounced with increase of volatility, except for high abundances of Ni and Co. These characteristics are probably representative of the mantle of Mars, which is consistent with previous work that the Martian mantle formed in a deep magma ocean followed by a later accretion of chondritic materials.