• Dendrochronology Course In Valsaín Forest, Segovia, Spain

      Touchan, R.; Meko, D.M.; Ballesteros-Cánovas, J.A.; Sánchez-Salguero, R.; Camarero, J.J.; Kerchouche, D.; Muntan, E.; Khabcheche, M.; Blanco, J.A.; Rodriguez Morata, C.; et al. (Tree-Ring Society, 2013-07)
      This report describes an international summer course, “Tree Rings, Climate, Natural Resources, and Human Interaction”, held in Valsaín, Spain, in summer of 2012. The course, with 14 participants from three countries (Spain, Algeria, and Russia), included basic training in dendrochronology skills as well as applied projects in dendroclimatology, dendroecology and dendrogeomorphology.