• Cooperative Prevention Systems to Protect Rangelands From the Spread of Invasive Plants

      Goodwin, Kim; Sheley, Roger; Jacobs, James; Wood, Shana; Manoukian, Mark; Schuldt, Mike; Miller, Eric; Sackman, Sharla (Society for Range Management, 2012-02-01)
      Eastern Montana is a vast region dominated by weed-free plains grassland. The protection of these prairies from the spread of invasive plants through weed prevention areas (WPAs) can preserve high-quality rangelands for wildlife, livestock, and other ecosystem goods and services. Eastern Montana sustains a spacious region of native grasslands and shrublands (approximately 57,000 mi2). The conservation of these rangelands has far-reaching societal implications for long-term sustainability of ecosystem services and rural livelihoods.