• Holocene Paleoenvironmental Changes in the Lower Mahi Basin, Western India

      Kusumgar, Sheela; Raj, Rachna; Chamyal, L. S.; Yadav, M. G. (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 1998-01-01)
      Evidence of paleoenvironmental changes during the Holocene from the Lower Mahi basin of Western India have been documented. The unpaired S2 surface all along the estuarine zone of the Mahi basin has been identified as an uplifted marine terrace. The terraces have preserved in their lithosections fairly distinct horizons of grayish brown clays rich in marine microfauna. The intervening silty-sand horizons are indicative of freshwater origin. The sedimentary structure and faunal assemblage indicate that these units have been deposited in a marginal marine environment. The 14C ages obtained on these marine mud horizons show that between 3600 and 1700 BP the sea level was higher than at present. The geomorphic evidence suggests that a late Holocene uplift has played a significant role in lowering the relative sea level to its present position.