• Tree-Ring Analysis of Taxus Baccata from the Western Himalaya, India, and its Dendroclimatic Potential

      Yadav, Ram R.; Singh, Jayendra; Birbal Sanhi Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow, India (Tree-Ring Society, 2002)
      A 345-year (AD 1656-2000) ring-width chronology of common yew (Taxus baccata L.) from the western Himalaya has been prepared. This provides the first record of a well crossdated ring-width chronology of yew from the Himalayan region, India. The mean temperature of the premonsoon (March-June) season has an indirect relationship with tree growth. The yew chronology is also significantly correlated with an Abies pindrow chronology prepared from the same stand as well as A. spectabilis from the treeline zone of an adjacent site. Such a significant relationship indicates the good potential of yew for dendroclimatic studies in the Himalayan region.