• 14C Chronology of Late Pleistocene-Holocene Events in the Nizhnee Priamurie (Southeast Russia)

      Bazarova, V. B.; Mokhova, L. M.; Orlova, L. A.; Klimin, M. A.; Gvozdeva, I. G. (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2003-01-01)
      The Russian Far East is characterized by widespread peat bogs with a sufficiently thick peat accumulation. A series of radiocarbon dates from the studied peat bogs (in Lower Amur) were obtained. Analysis of these dates shows that the total peat formation in this territory began in the Late Pleistocene-Holocene (11,830 +/820, TIG-157; 9975 +/120, SOAN-4025). The rates of peat accumulation and the humidity index were counted. In addition, the botanical composition and degree of peat decomposition were defined. These data allow to study in more detail climate fluctuation and the 14C chronology of Holocene events in the region studied.