• Grazing Distribution Patterns of Hereford and Santa Gertrudis Cattle on a Southern New Mexico Range

      Herbel, C. H.; Ares, F. N.; Nelson, A. B. (Society for Range Management, 1967-09-01)
      Actual observations for 3 years and utilization surveys for 4 years were used to determine the grazing distribution patterns of Hereford and Santa Gertrudis cattle in southern New Mexico. The grazing patterns of the 2 breeds were similar in the pastures studied. There was good distribution throughout the pastures which extended 3.5 mi. from water. In larger pastures, Santa Gertrudis cows may graze farther from water than Hereford cows because they walk farther. Earlier studies indicated a decreasing degree of utilization with an increasing distance from water. In this study, where a variety of species were available, cattle readily grazed a distance from water to obtain certain species. It is suggested that an important tool in obtaining better livestock distribution would be to encourage the growth of palatable species at a distance from water.