• Design and development of a high-speed visible pyramid wavefront sensor for the MMT AO system

      Anugu, Narsireddy; Durney, Olivier; M. Morzinski, Katie; Hinz, Phil; Sivanandam, Suresh; Males, Jared; Gardner, Andrew K.; Fellows, Chuck; Montoya, Manny; West, Grant; et al. (SPIE, 2020-12-13)
      MAPS, MMT Adaptive optics exoPlanet characterization System, is the upgrade of the adaptive optics system for 6.5-m MMT. It is an NSF MSIP-funded project that includes developing an adaptive-secondary mirror, visible and near-infrared pyramid wavefront sensors, and the upgrade of Arizona infrared imager and echelle spectrograph (ARIES) and MMT High Precision Imaging Polarimeter (MMTPol) science cameras. This paper will present the design and development of the visible pyramid wavefront sensor, VPWFS. It consists of an acquisition camera, a fast-steering tip-tilt modulation mirror, a pyramid, a pupil imaging triplet lens, and a low noise and high-speed frame rate based CCID75 camera. We will report on hardware and software, present the laboratory characterization results of individual subsystems, and outline the on-sky commissioning plan. © 2020 SPIE.