• The value of art-oriented pedagogical approaches to the teaching of optics and photonics

      Pompea, Stephen M.; Regens, Nancy L.; Univ Arizona (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2017-08-16)
      Art-oriented pedagogical approaches have been successfully applied to optics and photonics education. We will describe how art-based programs that incorporate a Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) approach can be used by optics and photonics educators. VTS encourages both a deep appreciation of the content of optics images and phenomena and a highly participatory approach to understanding them. This type of approach has been used by the authors in a variety of educational settings including teacher professional development workshops, museum and science center-based programs, after school programs and in two-week intensive summer academies for students. These approaches work well with multiple age groups including primary and secondary grade students, university students, and adults who may have little apparent connection to optics and photonics. This art-science hybrid approach can be used by university professors, optics/ photonics professionals who do public programs, museum educators, and classroom science teachers.