• Evaluation Methodology and Results for the New Faculty Workshops

      Chasteen, Stephanie V.; Chattergoon, Rajendra; Prather, Edward E.; Hilborn, Robert; Univ Arizona, Dept Astron (AMER ASSOC PHYSICS TEACHERS, 2016-12-29)
      This paper describes the current evaluation of the Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshop (NFW) as a case-study in evaluation of professional development workshops. We describe a The-ory of Action (ToA) for the workshop, and the evaluation methods and measures. The evaluation suggests that the ToA of the workshop is only partially fulfilled: workshop experiences are posi-tive, and participants gain knowledge of active learning, but participants have room for additional growth in skill, self-efficacy and social support in their use of active learning. We discuss the im-plications of these results for the NFW program and evaluation.