• Identification of G-quadruplexes in long functional RNAs using 7-deazaguanine RNA

      Weldon, Carika; Behm-Ansmant, Isabelle; Hurley, Laurence H; Burley, Glenn A; Branlant, Christiane; Eperon, Ian C; Dominguez, Cyril; College of Pharmacy and BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona; University of Arizona Cancer Center (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2016-11-07)
      RNA G-quadruplex (G4) structures are thought to affect biological processes, including translation and pre-mRNA splicing, but it is not possible at present to demonstrate that they form naturally at specific sequences in long functional RNA molecules. We developed a new strategy, footprinting of long 7-deazaguanine-substituted RNAs (FOLDeR), that allows the formation of G4s to be confirmed in long RNAs and under functional conditions.