• Computational and photoelectron spectroscopic study of the dipole-bound anions, indole(H₂O)₁,₂⁻

      Buytendyk, A M; Buonaugurio, A M; Xu, S-J; Nilles, J M; Bowen, K H; Kirnosov, N; Adamowicz, L; Univ Arizona, Dept Phys; Univ Arizona, Dept Chem; Univ Arizona, Dept Biochem (AMER INST PHYSICS, 2016-07-14)
      We report our joint computational and anion photoelectron spectroscopic study of indole-water cluster anions, indole(H2O)1,2 (-). The photoelectron spectra of both cluster anions show the characteristics of dipole-bound anions, and this is confirmed by our theoretical computations. The experimentally determined vertical electron detachment (VDE) energies for indole(H2O)1 (-) and indole(H2O)2 (-) are 144 meV and 251 meV, respectively. The corresponding theoretically determined VDE values for indole(H2O)1 (-) and indole(H2O)2 (-) are 124 meV and 255 meV, respectively. The vibrational features in the photoelectron spectra of these cluster anions are assigned as the vibrations of the water molecule.