• A new species of Euchaetes Harris from southern Arizona (Erebidae, Arctiinae)

      Nagle, Raymond B; Schmidt, B Christian; Univ Arizona, Dept Pathol (PENSOFT PUBL, 2018-10-08)
      Euchaetes nancyae sp. n. is described from southeastern Arizona. Although superficially similar to species of Pygarctia Grote, structural and molecular variation shows it to be most closely related to Euchaetes helena (Cassino). Adults, genitalic structure, e s, and first instar larvae are described and illustrated. The larval host plant remains unknown. Euchaetes helena is confirmed as occurring in Mexico.
    • A new species of Hypoprepia from the mountains of central Arizona (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae, Lithosiini)

      Palting, John Douglas; Ferguson, Douglas C; Moore, Wendy; Univ Arizona, Grad Interdisciplinary Program Entomol & Insect S; Univ Arizona, Dept Entomol (PENSOFT PUBL, 2018-10-08)
      A new firefly-mimicking lichen moth of the genus Hypoprepia, H.lampyroides Palting & Ferguson, sp. n., is described from the mountains of east-central Arizona and the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico. Hypoprepia Hübner, 1831 is a North American genus of lithosiine tiger moths, previously consisting of five species: H.fucosa Hübner, 1831 and H.miniata (Kirby, 1837), both of eastern and central North America; H.cadaverosa Strecker, 1878 from the Rocky Mountains into New Mexico and west Texas; H.inculta H. Edwards, 1882, a widespread western USA species and H.muelleri Dyar, 1907 from the vicinity of Mexico City. The latter is herein synonymized under H.inculta (= H.muellerisyn. n.), resulting in the total number of taxa in the genus unchanged at five.