• Marketing to International Students: Presentation of University Self in Geopolitical Space

      Rhoades, Gary; Castiello-Gutierrez, Santiago; Lee, Jenny J.; Marei, Mahmoud Sayed; O'Toole, Leslie C.; Univ Arizona, Ctr Study Higher Educ (JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, 2019-01-01)
      Amidst public calls for greater internationalization, universities are marketing to international students. We explore how universities in regional hubs (Lee & Schoole, 2015) enact "dramaturgical performances" (Goffman, 1959), presenting images of themselves in geopolitical space. We find: (1) bifurcated marketing strategies to distinct student audiences; (2) differences between public and private universities in featuring lifestyle or academic issues, and higher education as a private or a public good, as in "academic capitalism" (Slaughter & Rhoades, 2004); & (3) distinctive positioning of universities by type and region in their local/national/regional space, highlighting the possibility of alternatives to dominant Anglo-American internationalization models.
    • Representations of the alternating group which are irreducible over subgroups, II

      Kleshchev, Alexander; Sin, Peter; Tiep, Pham Huu; Univ Arizona, Dept Math (JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, 2016)
      We prove that non-trivial representations of the alternating group A(n) are reducible over a primitive proper subgroup which is isomorphic to some alternating group A(m). A similar result is established for finite simple classical groups embedded in A(n) via their standard rank 3 permutation representations.