• MEMS-based Angular and Spatial Light Modulation for Lidar and AR Displays

      Hellman, Brandon; Luo, Chuan; Lee, Ted Liang-tai; Takashima, Yuzuru; James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona (OSA, 2020)
      High-speed, monolithic and MEMS-based lidar and a large pixel count micro display device for AR display optics leverages a Digital Micromirror Device with a pulsed illumination that simultaneous modulates light in space and angular domain.
    • Precision Glass molding for diffractive optics

      Zhang, YingYing; Zhou, Wenchen; Spires, Oliver; Kim, Young Sik; Yi, Allen; Liang, Rongguang; Milster, Tom D.; Wyant College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona (OSA, 2020)
      We proposed a comprehensive technical scheme addressing the fabrication limitation of diamond turning, coating stability and adhesion problem during molding process,to realize high performance of diffractive optics.
    • Programming the Kennedy Receiver for Capacity Maximization versus Minimizing One-shot Error Probability

      Bhadani, Rahul; Grace, Michael; Djordjevic, Ivan B.; Sprinkle, Jonathan; Guha, Saikat; Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Optical Sciences, The University of Arizona (OSA, 2020)
      We find the capacity attained by the Kennedy receiver for coherent-state BPSK when the symbol prior p and pre-detection displacement β are optimized. The optimal β is different than what minimizes error probability for single-shot BPSK state discrimination.