• Wavelength Tunable Ho3+-Doped ZBLAN Fiber Lasers in the 1.2-mu m Wavelength Region

      Ma, Yunxiu; Zhu, Xiushan; Yang, Luyun; Zhang, Xinzheng; Norwood, R. A.; Peyghambarian, N.; Univ Arizona, Coll Opt Sci (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2018-08-15)
      Wavelength tunability of continuous-wave holmium doped ZrF4-BaF2-LaT3-AlF3-NaF fiber lasers operating in the 1.2-arm wavelength region was investigated with a Littrow configuration. A wavelength tuning range of 1184-1198 nm was obtained from the fiber output port of the laser. The spectral width was measured to be around 0.02 nm over the entire tunable range and a maximum output power of 81.6 mW at 1192 nm was obtained at a pump power of 1.97 W. The wavelength tunable range was found to be limited by the transmission of the fiber-optic wavelength division multiplexer and coupler. A broader wavelength tuning range of 1177-1201 nm was obtained with a simpler fiber laser construction from the zero-order diffraction output of the bulk grating.