• An Atypical Presentation of Raynaud's Disease

      Viswanath, Omar; Peck, Jacquelin; Gill, Jatinder S; Univ Arizona, Coll Med Phoenix, Dept Anesthesiol (KARGER, 2019)
      Objective: A 57-year-old female with a 33-year history of constant hand discoloration and paronychia had undergone multiple evaluations with a failure to find a diagnosis. She continues to undergo an evolving treatment regimen and diagnostic workup in an effort to find a long-eluded diagnosis. Clinical Presentation: She began to develop superficial ulcerations over the proximal phalanx of her fingers, often pruritic and erythematous, with pain and edema. Intervention: She has since been managed with nifedipine and sildenafil and intermittent stellate ganglion blocks. Conclusion: Despite still lacking a formal diagnosis, her constellation of symptoms is most likely the result of an atypical presentation of Raynaud's disease. (C) 2019 The Author(s) Published by S. Karger AG, Basel.