• The genome of Populus alba x Populus tremula var. glandulosa clone 84K

      Qiu, Deyou; Bai, Shenglong; Ma, Jianchao; Zhang, Lisha; Shao, Fenjuan; Zhang, Kaikai; Yang, Yanfang; SUN, TING; Huang, Jinling; Zhou, Yun; et al. (OXFORD UNIV PRESS, 2019-10-03)
      Poplar 84K (Populus alba x P. tremula var. glandulosa) is a fast-growing poplar hybrid. Originated in South Korea, this hybrid has been extensively cultivated in northern China. Due to the economic and ecological importance of this hybrid and high transformability, we now report the de novo sequencing and assembly of a male individual of poplar 84K using PacBio and Hi-C technologies. The final reference nuclear genome (747.5 Mb) has a contig N50 size of 1.99 Mb and a scaffold N50 size of 19.6 Mb. Complete chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes were also assembled from the sequencing data. Based on similarities to the genomes of P. alba var. pyramidalis and P. tremula, we were able to identify two subgenomes, representing 356 Mb from P. alba (subgenome A) and 354 Mb from P. tremula var. glandulosa (subgenome G). The phased assembly allowed us to detect the transcriptional bias between the two subgenomes, and we found that the subgenome from P. tremula displayed dominant expression in both 84K and another widely used hybrid, P. tremula x P. alba. This high-quality poplar 84K genome will be a valuable resource for poplar breeding and for molecular biology studies.