• Dual CP Polarization Diversity and Space Diversity Antennas Enabled by a Compact T-Shaped Feed Structure

      Geng, Junping; Ziolkowski, Richard W.; Wang, Kun; Zhao, Xiaonlan; Zhou, Han; Chenhu, Guanshen; Liang, Xianling; Jin, Ronghong; Univ Arizona, Dept Elect & Comp Engn (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2019-06)
      A compact T-shaped feed structure (IFS) is reported that enables the realization of two types of diversity antennas: a polarization diversity antenna (PDA) and a spatial diversity antenna (SDA). Both systems have a high potential for mobile wireless communication applications. The IFS includes four ports and two independent coaxial channels with effective isolation between them all. The PDA is a dual CP omnidirectional antenna. Its optimized prototype achieves measured impedance bandwidths of 16.4% and 15.28% in its LHCP and RHCP states, respectively, and realized gains in both between 4.8 and 6.46 dBic. The inner thin coaxial cable (ITCC) of the TFS directly drives its LHCP subsystem, facilitating its improved omnidirectional performance. This ITCC is also used to directly feed the SDA's low-profile directional planar equiangular spiral antenna and its side port drives its omnidirectional RHCP antenna. Good hemispherical coverage is realized with a measured common impedance bandwidth larger than 14.35% with more than 40-dB isolation between its two ports. The corresponding measured realized gain of the SDA is between 4 and 7.8 dBic. The measured results for both optimized prototypes confirm their simulated performance characteristics.