• A framework for optimizing micro-CT in dual-modality micro-CT/XFCT small-animal imaging system

      Vedantham, Srinivasan; Shrestha, Suman; Karellas, Andrew; Cho, Sang Hyun; Univ Arizona, Dept Med Imaging (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2017)
      Dual-modality Computed Tomography (CT)/X-ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography (XFCT) can be a valuable tool for imaging and quantifying the organ and tissue distribution of small concentrations of high atomic number materials in small-animal system. In this work, the framework for optimizing the micro-CT imaging system component of the dual modality system is described, either when the micro-CT images are concurrently acquired with XFCT and using the x-ray spectral conditions for XFCT, or when the micro-CT images are acquired sequentially and independently of XFCT. This framework utilizes the cascaded systems analysis for task-specific determination of the detectability index using numerical observer models at a given radiation dose, where the radiation dose is determined using Monte Carlo simulations.