• Multi-Resolution Modeling for Adaptive Uav Service Systems

      Zeigler, Bernard P.; Kim, Doohwan; Univ Arizona, Elect & Comp Engn (IEEE, 2019-04-29)
      With the advent of Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV), new kinds of systems of systems (SoS) that provide specific services may be on the horizon. We recognize that beyond basic technology requirements, such UAV-based service systems may be subject to a multiplicity of system engineering objectives. An all inclusive model would be able to provide the basis for decision making in each of such categories as payload requirements, on-board-energy constraints, locations of depots/launch sites, and so on. Multiresolution modeling helps us to construct a collection of partial models, each oriented to one or more objectives. In this paper, we discuss a Modeling and Simulation methodology that is based on Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) and System Entity Structure (SES). As implemented in the MS4 Me integrated development environment, it provides a practical approach to multiresolution model-based system design of UAV-based service systems.