• Stochastic Resonance Decoding for Quantum LDPC Codes

      Raveendran, Nithin; Nadkarni, Priya J.; Garani, Shayan Srinivasa; Vasic, Bane; Univ Arizona, Dept Elect & Comp Engn (IEEE, 2017)
      We introduce a stochastic resonance based decoding paradigm for quantum codes using an error correction circuit made of a combination of noisy and noiseless logic gates. The quantum error correction circuit is based on iterative syndrome decoding of quantum low-density parity check codes, and uses the positive effect of errors in gates to correct errors due to decoherence. We analyze how the proposed stochastic algorithm can escape from short cycle trapping sets present in the dual containing Calderbank, Shor and Steane (CSS) codes. Simulation results show improved performance of the stochastic algorithm over the deterministic decoder.