• Yearning and Its Measurement in Complicated Grief

      Robinaugh, Donald J.; Mauro, Christine; Bui, Eric; Stone, Lauren; Shah, Riva; Wang, Yuanjia; Skritskaya, Natalia A.; Reynolds, Charles F.; Zisook, Sidney; O'Connor, Mary-Frances; et al. (TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC, 2016)
      Persistent intense yearning for the deceased is a core clinical feature of complicated grief (CG) that distinguishes it from other mental disorders that develop following loss. The Yearning in Situations of Loss Scale (YSL) is a recently developed assessment of yearning. To assess the psychometric properties of the YSL in those with CG, we administered the YSL, Inventory of Complicated Grief, and Quick Inventory of Depression Symptomatology to 303 treatment-seeking bereaved adults with CG. Our results suggest the YSL is a reliable assessment with acceptable convergent and discriminant validity as a measure of yearning in those with CG.