• Time-Domain THz Near-Field Imaging Incorporating Hadamard Multiplexing Method

      Tuo, Mingguang; Liang, Min; Zhang, Jitao; Xin, Hao; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona; Department of Physics, University of Arizona (IEEE, 2016-09-25)
      Photoconductive antenna (PCA) array based THz near-field imager incorporating Hadamard multiplexing method is developed in this work. By using a 2 × 2 dipole antenna array as the THz transmitter, the system signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is demonstrated to be improved by a factor of 2 as the theory predicts. Additionally, a 2-D scanning of a metallic structure on a THz-transparent substrate (with a total scanning area of 1 × 1 mm2) is experimentally implemented. Correlation coefficient estimation is made afterwards to quantify the reconstructed image quality.