• A preliminary study on the radiation dose reduction during catheterization procedures using simple partial patient shielding

      Serati, A.; Hashemi, A.; Sharifkashani, B.; Nourbakhsh, S.; Hashemi, A.; Emami, S.; Movahed, M.R.; University of Arizona (IMR Press Limited, 2021)
      Reduction in X-ray exposure during cardiac catheterization is important to reduce radiation risks to operators and personnel. Reducing scattered radiation from the patient can achieve this goal. The goal of this study was to evaluate the reduction in radiation using simple partial shielding of patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. By putting a lead-based apron on the lower extremities of patients undergoing cardiac catheterization, we analyzed the reduction in total radiation dose with and without this shielding. One hundred and twelve patients were divided into two groups. In one group, the protective lead-based apron was put on the lower extremities of patients. Another group did not have any shielding. Total duration of angiography was 332 minutes and 45 seconds in the first group and 269 minutes and 10 seconds in the second group. The total radiation exposure was 33 μGy in the first group vs 606 μGy in the second group. Despite higher exposure time, total radiation dose was 22 times lower in the simple shielded group. Our simple method without any additional cost can significantly reduce radiation exposure in the cardiac catheterization laboratory. © 2021 IMR Press Limited. All rights reserved.
    • Cardiac rehabilitation using telemedicine: The need for tele cardiac rehabilitation

      Thamman, R.; Janardhanan, R.; Division of Cardiology, Sarver Heart Center, University of Arizona (IMR Press Limited, 2020)
      Cardiac Rehabilitation programs have shown to improve outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed barriers to these programs. A virtual platform might be a good solution to these challenges. Tele Cardiac Rehabilitation and remote patient monitoring provide an excellent alternative practical solution. © 2020 Thamman and Janardhanan Published by IMR Press.