• Compressive detection of direct sequence spread spectrum signals

      Liu, Feng; Marcellin, Michael W.; Goodman, Nathan A.; Bilgin, Ali; Univ Arizona, Dept Elect & Comp Engn; Univ Arizona, Dept Biomed Engn & Elect & Comp Engn (INST ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY-IET, 2018-11-29)
      In spread spectrum (SS) communications, the input signal is spread over a wider bandwidth to avoid interference or interception. One of the most common SS techniques is direct sequence SS (DSSS). In this Letter, the authors propose non-cooperative compressive detection techniques for DSSS signals. The proposed compressive detection framework allows the use of random as well as designed measurement kernels. A technique for designing compressive measurement kernels which exploit DSSS signal structure and non-uniform usage of spreading codes is proposed. Theoretical and simulation results are provided to compare the performance of the proposed methods with their conventional counterparts.