• Quantifying Adoption Intensity for Weed-Resistance Management Practices and Its Determinants among US Soybean, Corn, and Cotton Farmers

      Dong, Fengxia; Mitchell, Paul D.; Hurley, Terrance M.; Frisvold, George B.; Univ Arizona, Dept Agr & Resource Econ (WESTERN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS ASSOC, 2016-01)
      Using data envelopment analysis with principal components, we calculate an adoption-intensity index for herbicide-resistance best management practices (BMPs). Empirical results for over 1,100 farmers in twenty-two U.S. states suggest that many farmers could improve their herbicide resistance BMP adoption. Two-limit truncated regression results show that higher yields and a greater proportion of acres planted with Roundup Ready (R) seeds motivate weed BMP adoption. While soybean and corn farmers have lower adoption intensity than cotton farmers, farmer educational attainment and greater concern for herbicide effectiveness and for human and environmental safety are found to help increase the adoption of weed BMPs.