• Increasing Effective Nurse-Provider Communication with Bedside Rounding

      Carrington, Jane; Flanagan, Anne Paetra; Love, Rene; Brown, Angela (The University of Arizona., 2019)
      This quality improvement project identified a need to improve communication for nurses and providers to promote bedside rounding at Yuma Regional Medical Center on the medical-surgical unit. Nurses and providers communicate with each other daily exchanging information about the patient’s plan of care. This is a professional collaborative effort to provide the best care possible for each patient. This project targeted improvement in nurse to provider communication by completing an evidence-based educational in-service discussing bedside rounding and tools were provided to help promote bedside rounding such as, using the Vocera communication device. Qualitative data was collected on nurses and providers perception of the facilitators and barriers of bedside rounding on a medical-surgical unit. A conversation with nurses using semi-structured questions inquiring the amount of times bedside rounding was completed and suggestions to promote bedside rounding. Providers were asked one question on their perception to improve the practice of nurse-provider bedside rounding. These responses were recoded, transcribed, and analyzed for common responses. Averages were also completed to assess the frequency of bedside rounding. Results presented an increase in nurse-provider bedside rounding participation after encouraging the use of communication assistive devices. Nurses and providers perceived each party did not want to be present for bedside rounding. Upon completing the quality improvement project, more patients were able to experience nurse-provider bedside rounding. Stakeholders overall showed an interest in changing the current practice of bedside rounding and provided suggestions to help solidify the professional communication culture change.