• Kisin-Ren Classification of ϖ-divisible O-modules via the Dieudonné Crystal

      Cais, Bryden R.; Henniges, Alex Jay; Tiep, Pham H.; Joshi, Kirti N.; Sharifi, Romyar; Cais, Bryden R. (The University of Arizona., 2016)
      Let k be a perfect field of characteristic p > 2 and K a totally ramified extension of K₀ = Frac W(k) with uniformizer π. Let F ⊆ K be a subfield with ϖ, ring of integers O, and residue field k(F) ⊆ k with |k(F)| = q. Let W(F) = O⊗(W(k(F))) W(k) and consider the ring 𝔖 = W(F)⟦u⟧ with an endomorphism φ that lifts the q-power Frobenius of k on W(F) and satisfies φ(u) ≡ u^q mod ϖ and φ(u) ≡ 0 mod u. In this dissertation, we use O-divided powers to define the analogue of Breuil-Kisin modules over the rings 𝔖 and S, where S is an O-divided power envelope of the surjection 𝔖 ↠ O(K) sending u to π. We prove that these two module categories are equivalent, generalizing the case when F = Q(p) and ϖ - p. As an application of our theory, we generalize the results of Kisin [17] and Cais-Lau [8] to relate the Faltings Dieudonné crystal of a ϖ-divisible O-module, which gives a Breuil module over S in our sense, to the modules of Kisin-Ren, providing a geometric interpretation to the latter.