• Validation of the Accuracy of RxLator, an iPhone-based English-to-Mandarin Translator

      Gilkey, John; Herrier, Richard; Slack, Marion; Fallon, Echo; Gilkey, John; Herrier, Richard; Slack, Marion; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2014)
      Specific Aims: Determine the accuracy of RxLator, an iPhone-based English to Mandarin Translator. Methods: Subjects (graduate chemistry students at Soochow University Taiwan, N = 27) individually listened to 25 RxLator medication directions in Mandarin. Each subject verbally told the translator the meaning of each direction, and the investigator recorded the translated responses on paper. At the end of the session, each subject identified which directions required editing. These directions were then played for an additional subject. Main Results: Of the 25 directions, 17 were easily understood the first time subjects heard them. Of the 6 directions that required edits, the subjects' confusion was caused by a single word found in 4 of the directions. The remaining 2 more difficult directions caused confusion due to other reasons. Overall, the subjects were confident in understanding the majority of the medication directions. Conclusion: With few exceptions, the iPhone-based English-to-Mandarin Translator seems to be accurate for medication directions. This application is the first mobile, electronic device to ensure an accurate, convenient method to translate medication directions from English to Mandarin.