• Pharmacists Use of Over-the-Counter Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbal Supplements

      Slack, Marion; Faridian, Martin; Ortega, Saul; Engelder, Pearce; Slack, Marion; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2016)
      Specific Aims: This study aims to evaluate the use and rationale of dietary supplement use by pharmacists and to assess whom pharmacists are recommending them to. Methods: Arizona licensed pharmacists were surveyed using Qualtrics software. The survey consisted of questions starting with listing common vitamin, mineral and herbal products used personally. Respondents were then asked to indicate a purpose for use and if they would recommend personally used products to patients, family or friends. Demographics such as area of practice, gender and age were also collected. Data were analyzed by calculating summary frequency and percentages with a priori alpha level of 0.05. Main Results: Of the 10,899 surveys sent, 528 respondents completed the survey. The average respondent age was 46.6 ± 14.4, 40% were male and 42% practiced in community pharmacy Overall use was: multivitamin (95.54%), vitamin C (78.24%), vitamin D (73.31%), calcium (73.13%), and B vitamin(s) (70.03%). The most common reasons for use were “general health and wellness” and “to treat or cure a specific disease or health problem.” Overall use of supplements was lower; 58% for fish oil while only 25% used chondroitin. More community pharmacists used all types of dietary supplements (p < 0.05). Most pharmacists would recommend the products to patients. Conclusions: (39) Pharmacists use dietary supplements at rates similar to the general public and would recommend the noted products to patients. This is particularly relevant because existing well designed studies evaluating efficacy and safety of the products in question are limited.