• Educating Health Profession Students About Health Disparities: a Systematic Review of Educational Programs

      Hall-Lipsy, Elizabeth A.; Kennedy, Amy K.; Feilen, Sujung; Seminova, Karolina; Hall-Lipsy, Elizabeth A.; Kennedy, Amy K.; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2012)
      Specific Aims: Health disparities are contributing to differences in access to healthcare and health outcomes among diverse groups in the United States. Causes of health disparities are multifactorial. One approach to minimize health inequalities is through educating future health care professionals. The purpose of this review is to identify and describe approaches for developing health disparities curriculum for health professions programs in the United States. Methods: A systematic review was conducted in April of 2012 to identify articles describing medical and nursing school curricula, educational courses, and activities focusing on health disparities in the United States. The search was conducted by utilizing Medline PubMed database. Articles describing a specific educational course/curriculum in health disparities in medical and nursing undergraduate or graduate programs were included in the review. The review did not take into account continuing education programs. All articles describing educational programs focus on healthcare disparities in the United States. Main Results: The search identified 153 articles focusing on specific health disparities curricula or education programs. Out of those articles 30 were included in the analysis. Results are pending. Conclusions: Anticipated results will aid in identifying successful and effective health disparities curricula for health professions programs in the United States.