• Publications and Presentations from PharmD Student Research Projects: A Systematic Review

      Slack, Marion; Islam, Sameer; Worede, Leah; Slack, Marion; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2015)
      Objectives: To conduct a systematic review of reports of pharmacy student research programs to describe publication and presentations resulting from the research. Methods: To be eligible for the systematic review, studies must have described student research programs in which students’ were required to collect, analyze, report or present findings and be reported in English. Candidate studies were screened and data extracted using standardized forms by two investigators independently with the final list identified by consensus. The primary outcome variables were extramural posters/presentations and publications. Data were summarized in tables. Results: A total of 6112 studies were screened and 14 studies were identified that described student research meeting inclusion criteria; two reports were from outside the United States. Two-thirds were reports of required projects and a third were elective projects. Required research projects were conducted on a wide variety of topics including clinical, practice, laboratory, public health, education and other topics. Elective research was focused on clinical practice, and laboratory topics. Components of the research process were not uniformly described. The terminal project requirement was usually a written report (57%) or a poster (29%). One program required a presentation. More than half (64%) of the student research programs reported that students presented extramural posters and half (57%) reported that publications resulted from student research. Conclusions: About half of the student research programs described in the literature indicated that student research resulted in extramural posters or presentations.