• Study of a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Survey of the Rural Community of San Luis, Arizona

      Boesen, Kevin; Jackowski, Rebekah; Jacobson, David; Boesen, Kevin; Jackowski, Rebekah; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2011)
      OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the pharmaceutical needs of a rural Arizona border town in order to determine the feasibility of building a pharmacy within the San Luis Walk-In Clinic. METHODS: Surveys included questions regarding general information such as education level and length of time living in the community, health literacy, household medications and medical supplies, pharmacy and prescription information, travel time to current pharmacy, level of satisfaction of current pharmacy, and interest in additional pharmaceutical clinical services. Only questions in the public health survey that were related to the pharmaceutical needs assessment were reviewed and analyzed. RESULTS: 127 pharmaceutical needs assessment surveys were collected and analyzed. Of note, 78% of survey respondents reported traveling outside of San Luis to purchase medications. 76% of households are either not satisfied or slightly satisfied with their pharmacy. Up to 65% of households are interested in additional pharmaceutical services such as medication therapy management (MTM) and education classes on various disease states. CONCLUSION: The findings from the surveys strongly suggest that the residents in San Luis would welcome an additional pharmacy to their community. Less time would be used commuting out of town to purchase medications and additional clinical services would be well appreciated within San Luis. Thus, it is recommended that a pharmacy be built within the San Luis Walk-In Clinic.