• Knowledge and Attitudes of Student Pharmacists Concerning Oral Emergency Contraception

      Apgar, David; Lin, Jack; Knuck, Theodore; Orozco, Jason; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2009)
      OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this work is to explore the correlations between demographics, knowledge, and attitudes that student pharmacists have in regards to oral emergency contraception (OEC) and their dispensing. METHODS: University of Arizona pre-rotation student pharmacists were asked to complete a questionnaire during a regularly scheduled required class. The questionnaire had three sections consisting of general OEC knowledge, specific attitudes regarding OEC, and demographic data. RESULTS: Students who stated moral and/or ethical objections to dispensing OEC had significantly lower knowledge scores. They also showed a response pattern to attitude and belief questions opposite to that of students who stated feeling comfortable dispensing OEC in most situations. There were no significant differences in total correct scores on the knowledge questions between gender or year in school, however, there were significant differences in some specific questions. CONCLUSIONS: Students who did not feel comfortable dispensing OEC or had moral and/or religious objections to dispensing OEC were found to have lower knowledge scores. With the exception of two knowledge questions, total correct scores on OEC knowledge questions increased with year in school. Lack of knowledge about OEC may in part contribute to unease and objections to dispensing them.