• Provider Response to Pharmacist Recommendations in an Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Clinic

      Hoyer, Gifford; Sams, Toni; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2006)
      Objectives: To determine acceptance rate of pharmacist recommendation in an interdisciplinary chronic pain clinic. Subjects: Veterans enrolled in the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System (SAVAHCS) Methods: The study will be a retrospective chart review. Data will be collected from electronic medical records. Included in this database are demographics, consult notes, medication history, and physician visits. Information unavailable will be medical care received outside the SAVAHCS closed system that is not disclosed by the patient. Number and types of recommendations, as well as acceptance of these options by the primary care provider will be calculated. Results: The number and type of recommendations initiated within 30 days will be calculated; and acceptance rates will be compared pre and post changes in the format of relaying these recommendations. Implications: The results will determine whether changing how the recommendation is presented to patients primary care providers (by the pharmacist) will affect acceptance rate.