• A Qualitative Evaluation by Focus Group of Pharmacists on Patient Counselling on Inhaler Technique

      Lee, Jeannie; Tate, Jared; Avila, Sena; Day, Kendall; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2018)
      Specific Aims The purpose of this study was to describe the barriers that exist at the pharmacy level in providing appropriate patient education on inhaler technique. Methods A focus group was used for this study, approved by the University of Arizona Institutional Review Board. De-identified demographic information was collected to describe the characteristics of the study participants and their experiences with inhaler education. During the focus group, conducted by student pharmacists, data were collected by note taking and audio recording. Descriptive data about the participants were reported using summary means, and standard deviations. Audio recording and researcher notes were analyzed by content analysis to extract common barriers that limit appropriate patient education on inhaled medication use. Results Ten pharmacists participated in the focus group discussion. The average age of participants was 46 years (SD=11.1, Range=29-61) and the majority were female (80%). The main themes identified centered on patient- and practice-specific factors for instituting patient education on inhaler technique. Conclusions Prioritizing common barriers identified by practicing pharmacists as a focus of pharmacist training and process implementation within pharmacies may help improve patient education, and in turn adherence to inhaled medications and outcomes.