• Job Satisfaction Among Tucson Area Chain Community Pharmacists: Results from a Pilot Study

      Warholak, Terri; Martineau, Megan; Yandow, Stephanie; Hines, Stephanie; Warholak, Terri; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2012)
      Specific Aims: The purpose of this study was to assess the overall satisfaction of Tucson area pharmacists in the community retail setting and to identify the facets of community practice that have the greatest contribution to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Methods: Surveys were sent by facsimile to all community retail pharmacies in the Tucson area. All pharmacists working in these stores were encouraged to respond to the survey by faxing back the paper copy or by responding to the online version of the survey at surveymonkey.com. Respondents were asked to rate their job satisfaction and demographic data were also collected. Main Results: Questionnaires were completed and returned by 32 pharmacists, an estimated response rate of 10%. After reviewing the returned surveys, four questions were chosen from the satisfaction portion to determine their relationship to the job satisfaction ratings. Those four variables were “recognition one receives for good work”, “opportunity to use abilities”, “hours of work”, and “patient contact”. Those four satisfaction variables were then analyzed using the demographic grouping variables “other experience”, “store type” and “degree earned”. Following analysis, only hours of work was found to play a significant role with pharmacy job satisfaction when grouped by other experience. Conclusions: The area of community pharmacy practice that affects job satisfaction the most is hours of work, which is especially true when pharmacists have work experience outside of community practice.