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    • The Burden of Illness for Inpatient Testicular Cancer in the United States

      Skrepnek, Grant; Hollings, Jerrelee; Zullo, Rebecca; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2010)
      OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to determine the number of inpatient discharges and burden of illness due to testicular cancer with data from the national database Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). METHODS: This retrospective study looked at hospital discharge records to obtain information regarding the inpatient burden of illness of testicular cancer patients. The study looked at procedures, co-­‐morbidities, hospital characteristics, case-­‐mix control, and the Deyo-­‐Charlson to see how they were associated with the charges, length of stay, and inpatient mortality. Also included in the study was information regarding patient age, method of payment, and hospital type and size. A linear multivariate regression was performed to estimate determinates of hospital costs. RESULTS: During the 5-­‐year time frame of the study, 28,985 inpatient admissions with testicular cancer were identified. For the overall sample, the average total charges per hospitalization were $29,857. For the 717 patients that died while receiving inpatient treatment, the associated charges averaged $73,800, more than double that associated with the overall sample. The gamma regression of charges for the overall sample showed an association between increased charges and age, length of stay, number of procedures, all admission years in reference to 2002, admission to a large-­‐sized hospital in reference to a small hospital, admission to an urban hospital in reference to a rural hospital, admission to a teaching in reference to a nonteaching hospital and the Deyo-­‐Charlson score. CONCLUSIONS: Testicular cancer is on the rise worldwide and is associated with a high inpatient burden of illness.