• University of Arizona Curriculum Mapping

      Murphy, John; Slack, Marion; Johnson, Michelle; Paull, Brian; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2010)
      OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to determine the relative amount of time committed to each content area of the ACPE guidelines for curricular content and the three “outcomes expected of graduates” domains of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and to identify potential areas of weakness within the current curriculum. METHODS: Course coordinators were emailed and asked to fill out a questionnaire that addressed the amount of time that was spent on a given topic during lectures. The questionnaire included all topics necessary for the education of all pharmacists according to the ACPE guidelines. Questionnaires were collected from all required courses in the Doctor of Pharmacy program curriculum. Each course coordinator was asked to respond to every section with a numerical value of 0-3, indicating the amount of time spent on each topic. RESULTS: Surveys were completed by all 37 course coordinators for required courses. 42 subsections were recommended to be reviewed by the curriculum committee. CONCLUSIONS: There is a need for revision to the ACPE guidelines. A detailed description of the time and depth of each content area that should be covered within the curriculum would provide further guidance to colleges of pharmacy. Since this is not currently available, the data collected should be used as a tool to determine possible areas of deficiency within the University of Arizona Doctorate of Pharmacy curriculum. These areas need to be addressed by the curriculum committee.