• Academic and Training Requirements in Advertisements for Pharmacy Management and Clinical Director Positions: A Follow up

      Murphy, John E.; Ashby, Jade; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2008)
      Objectives: A follow-up analysis of academic and training requirements found in advertisements for pharmacy management, assistant director, and clinical pharmacy director positions. Methods: Advertisements appearing in the American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (AJHP) were analyzed for academic and training criteria that were either preferred or required for pharmacy management, assistant director, or clinical pharmacy director positions. Included advertisements were for pertinent positions found in AJHP between January 2002 and December 2007. Some of the requirements or preferences that appeared in the advertisements that were analyzed included the type of pharmacy or other degree, postgraduate training including residencies and/or fellowships, board certification, and experience qualifications. Results: There was a total of 426 advertisements that met inclusion criteria. Results were listed in percentages of advertisements either requiring or preferring a certain qualification. A significant portion of ads sought applicants who had completed a residency (24% - pharmacy manager/director, 50% - clinical director, 47% - assistant/associate manager). Preferences and requirements of the PharmD or MS degree qualification decreased in percent from a previous study. However there was an increase in the relative number of ads pertaining to the MBA preference (9%, n=27). Conclusions: Many of the results from this study were similar to previous studies which looked at job qualifications in pharmacy manager and clinical directors. It remains evident that education, training, and experience play a major role in meeting the qualifications associated with obtaining a job as a pharmacy manager, clinical director, or associate director.