• Intent to Provide the Influenza Vaccination to Children ages 6-18: An Analysis of Law Implementation by Community Pharmacies

      Leal, Sandra; Bingham, Bradley; Vo, Andrew; Leyba, Aaron; Leal, Sandra; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2016)
      Objectives: To determine the prevalence and incidence of community pharmacies not vaccinating children down to six years of age and to identify the reasons for non-compliance with Arizona State Board administrative rule R4-23-411. Subjects: 103 community retail pharmacies from six corporations in the Tucson metropolitan area established by December 2014. Methods: Funnel questionnaire administered via phone call to collect pharmacist response if he or she would vaccinate a six-year-old child; data for reasons why he or she would or would not vaccinate and gender of pharmacist was also collected. Results: Responses were collected from 103 pharmacists (male n = 55, female n = 48). 87% (n =90) of pharmacies stated they would not vaccinate a six-year-old, while 13% (n =13) would vaccinate. The rationale for not vaccinating varied from corporate policy (45%) to state law (37%). Conclusions: The majority of six retail pharmacy chains in Tucson, Arizona are not vaccinating down to six-years old, although Arizona administrative amendments allow pharmacists to do so. More pharmacies that would choose not to vaccinate may be related to a better understanding of corporate policies versus state administrative rule change.