• Comparing the Knowledge of Pharmacy Students at The University of Arizona Regarding Dangerous Critters of Southern Arizona Based on Pre and Post Testing with an Education Session in Between

      Lee, David; Anderson, Ryan; Lane, Nicole; Millward, Matt; Lee, David; College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona (The University of Arizona., 2011)
      OBJECTIVES: To determine if knowledge and confidence of third year pharmacy students would increase after an education session presented by the Poison Control Center about scorpions, snakes, Gila Monsters and spiders of the southwest. METHODS: A pre-test/post-test study design was implemented around the presentation from the Poison Control Center utilizing third year pharmacy students at The University of Arizona as the study population. The two tests were than analyzed to determine if there was any statistically significant improvement in quantifiable knowledge and comfort level associated with imparting knowledge regarding venomous stings and bites. RESULTS: Out of an available 95 students, 67 completed the pre and post-tests. Overall, the pharmacy student’s knowledge increased with statistical significance (p<0.05) by 10% with a corresponding statistically significant (p<0.05) increase in comfort level in talking to patients about bites and stings. CONCLUSION: Both knowledge and confidence increased in third year pharmacy students after an education session about scorpions, snakes, Gila monsters and spiders.