• The Library Worker’s Guide To Social Media: Sharing Your Library

      Macaluso, Gina; Kowalski, Rose Ryan (The University of Arizona., 2019)
      Social media marketing is an important skill for library staff to learn as the Information and Digital Ages have significantly impacted their function and patronage. For libraries to effectively serve their communities, they must be present in digital and physical space. This has become true for many library collections, but community outreach should also be conducted in this online space to ensure that libraries remain aware of their community and its needs. This short guide will take readers through the process of creating an online presence for their library via social media and offer advice about best practices. This advice comes from the author’s individual research, secondary research, and experiences presenting their library on social media. This guide was written by and for library staff who want to put their libraries on the social media map. Readers will set goals, be introduced to social media concepts, and given a framework for how to grow a social media presence for their library.