• Continued Evaluation of N Fertilization Practices for Surface Irrigated Lemons

      Sanchez, Charles A.; Wright, Glenn C.; Peralta, Manuel; Wright, Glenn; Yuma Agricultural Center (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2003)
      Much of the citrus produced in southwestern Arizona is grown on sandy soils. Because these soils have a low ion exchange capacity, are highly permeable to water, and are prone to nitrate leaching, achieving efficient N management presents a continuing challenge. A field study was conducted on a superstition sand to evaluate the response of lemons to combinations of soil and foliar applied N. Lemon yields significantly increased by soil applied N. Foliar N increased yields of lemons the first harvest at the lower soil N rates. However, there were no other significant responses to foliar N. Overall, there were few meaningful changes in fruit quality to N fertilization. The N content of the leaves increased linearly to soil N application