• Simulation Of Groundwater Flow In The Rincon Valley Area And Mesilla Basin, New Mexico And Texas

      Weeden, A. Curtis,Jr.; Maddock, Thomas, III; Department of Hydrology & Water Resources, The University of Arizona (Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1999-09-30)
      A groundwater flow model was constructed for the Rincon Valley area and Mesilla Basin. The system is dominated by the complex interaction of the Rio Grande, canals, laterals, and drains with groundwater pumping. The primary purpose of the model was to aid the New Mexico -Texas Water Commission in assessing options for water resources development in the Lower Rio Grand Basin from Caballo Reservoir in New Mexico to El Paso, Texas. One such assessment was to evaluate the effect of secondary irrigation releases from Caballo Reservoir on the water budget. In addition, the model will eventually be linked to a surface water model (BESTSM) being utilized by the New Mexico -Texas Water Commission to evaluate water supply alternatives for El Paso, Texas. Stress periods were specified on a seasonal basis, a primary irrigation season from March through October and a secondary irrigation season from November through February. Analysis of model output indicates that groundwater pumping decreases Rio Grande flows, secondary irrigation season releases do not alter the water budget significantly, and that recharge and discharge from aquifer storage are strongly related to the season.