• The effect of high-intensity interval exercise on doxorubicin-induced TLR4 inflammatory signaling in rat myocardium

      DiLizia, Matthew; The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix; Angadi, Siddhartha; Dickinson, Jared (The University of Arizona., 2018-02-26)
      Background:Doxorubicin(Dox) is a common anti-cancer agent that causes collateral damage to the heart. Pre-conditioning (exercise prior to Doxtherapy) may attenuateDox-induced cardiomyopathy by modulating inflammatory pathways.The effect of pre-conditioning on TLR4 signaling in Dox-induced cardiomyopathy is uncertain. Conclusion: The impact of TLR4 on Doxinduced cardiac inflammation may not be significantly modulated by pre-conditioning HIIT. However, HIIT pre-conditioning may impact downstream mediators NFkB, pNFkB and pIkB in models of Dox-induced cardiac inflammation.